Help us help the island

The 3 most important factors we need you to help us with are:
1. Conserving Water.
We buy our Fresh Water at a high premium in Lombok. Please try to have short showers, use the half flush on the toilets as much as possible and avoid leaving taps running at any time.

2. Minimal usage of Electricity.
Gili Eco villas is off the grid and completely independent of the islands main power generator. We have installed a sophisticated but expensive alternative energy supply; solar and wind. Please try to be aware of your energy consumption. Air conditioning consumes an extreme amount of electricity and is not environmentally friendly. For these reasons we do charge an additional fee for its use with a percentage of this being donated to Eco projects on the island to offset emissions. When you leave the villa please turn off the Master Power Switch which will turn off all power except for the fridge and the entrance lights.

3. Recycling waste.
Recycling Waste is another way we protect the environment. Please use the 3 separate bins provided to help us recycle your garbage effectively.