Gili Eco Villas promises to maximize your enjoyment on this magical island, while leaving minimal impact on its delicate and precious eco system. To achieve this, we employ the latest in eco-friendly technologies such as; solar and wind energy generation, a bio-degradable waste-water treatment system, and rubbish recycling. To protect the unique and fragile local marine environment, we are pioneering the latest Bio-Rock coral re-growth technology along the beach-front of Gili Eco Villas.

Our villas are made from Recycled Teak wood.

With the exception of the air conditioning and the pool pump, our entire facility is powered by Solar and Wind energy.
GIlli Eco Villas has established a Bio Rock system in front of the beach. Bio rock accelerates the re-growth of coral reef which in turn supports sea life and prevents beach erosion.

The wastewater from the toilets and showers is recycled through Bio Septic tanks to irrigate the gardens. All organic waste is recycled for use in compositing.

We are doing our best to protect this fragile island, and we want to kindly remind you that you can also contribute to keeping the Gili Islands beautiful. Take only photos; leave only ripples in the ocean and footprints in the sand.